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Supporting Documents

The Louisiana Bill was introduced by the Honorable Jim Morris of Caddo Parish.  It passed favorable through both legislative bodies and was sent to the Secretary of State, and per instructions contained therein, was sent to the presiding officers of the US Senate and House of Representatives as well as each member of the Louisiana Congressional Delegation.  It memorializes the US Congress to begin designating Caddo Lake and the area around it as a national heritage area.    (Update 9-5-11)

  Click here to see the bill.

A feasibility study has been prepared on the proposed project by Sam Collier.           Click here to see the Study.

Senate Bill submitted on May 24, 2108

Click here to view the bill.

House Bill submitted on May 24, 2018.

Economic Impact Studies -

Economic benefits of NHA’s can be seen mainly through tourism and serves as driver for economic development .  Here is a link to National Parks Service website with links to the studies.