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The chronology of development for Caddo Lake National Heritage Area designation:


The Caddo Lake Heritage Awareness & Education Project  (2006-2008)

The Caddo Lake Heritage Awareness and Education Project, funded by Texas and Louisiana state level governmental historic entities, completed a cultural heritage assets survey within the defined area. The completed survey included an extensive list of natural, cultural, historic sites and personages, and historic water and land based trails. Within that context, themes were developed to define both heritage tourism programs and public educational programs.  Follow on study phases were articulated that when completed would stand up those programs.

The subject matter experts who developed that study constitute the team working the NHA feasibility study. The results of the state funded study provided the majority input for the NHA feasibility study.


Click here to get the Caddo Lake Heritage

Awareness and Education Project Action Plan document.


         What is a National Heritage Area

National Heritage Areas are places where natural, cultural, historic and scenic resources combine to form a cohesive, nationally important landscape arising from patterns of human activity shaped by geography.  As such, NHAs represent the national experience through the physical features that remain and the traditions that have evolved in them.

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National Heritage Areas:  An Introduction.

Click here to get the National Park Service’s flyer on NHAs.  

Feasibility study for Caddo Lake National Heritage Area

Our Caddo Lake National Heritage Area (CLNHA) feasibility study was initiated to identify and evaluate alternatives for managing, preserving, and interpreting nationally important cultural and historic landscapes, sites, and structures existing on, under, and around Caddo Lake, its tributaries Cypress Bayou and James Bayou in Texas and Louisiana and Black and Red Bayous and the historic Soda, Shifftail, and Clear Lakes in Louisiana to provide Congress and the public with information about the resources in the study area and how they relate to criteria for designation of a national heritage area.

Click here to get the National Park Service’s criteria for feasibility studies.

Click here to get our feasibility study as prepared by Sam Collier of Vivian, La.

Management Plan for Caddo Lake National Heritage Area

A successful management plan is a guide for decision making that specifies actions, policies, strategies, performance goals, and recommendations.  The plan is now in draft form awaiting public input, understanding, and pervasive support by NHA stakeholders.

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Successful National Heritage Area Management Plan.

Next Steps

Demonstration of widespread public support among heritage area residents for the purpose of designation and commitment to the proposal from key constituents, which may include governments, industry, and private, non-profit organizations, in addition to area residents.


Click here to get the National Park Service’s Critical Steps

 and Criteria for Becoming an NHA.

History on how we got to this point.